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Sim Animals Review

Sim Animals, developed by EA, is a game that lets you interact with animals and their world. It’s an all new concept, but being a sequel to the Sims, has the hand icon to interact with the game and has no humans on view. The player is allowed to pick any animal of their choice from the forest and engage with wild creatures, solve challenges, unlock new forest areas and animals. It also enables the player to get to know the different personalities possessed by these animals and experience their battles. It also allows the player to reshape the forest by building dams and lakes, to make the animals happy.

The gameplay of Sim Animals is not very complicated. The animals are initially wary of the hand icon – which allows players to pickup any animal in the forest. Of course, you can betray them but you cannot advance to the next stage until the animals are happy. The creatures can play together, scrap and even have babies, but inter species relationships are no-go. The game has a great look to it and the controls are refined: to pick an animal, you need to tempt it with berries (if he’s not happy, you won’t be able to get close enough to pick it up). The sounds include a wide range of grunts and calls of the different species together with ambient forest sounds.

The structure of Sim Animals takes the player to different parts of the forest. The game has no doubt made good use of the Wii motion controls. All the animals have cute names and you are allowed to play with them and gain their trust. Cherish the adventure, fun and mischief that await you deep in the forest.

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