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My Baby 2: My Baby Grew Up Review

Let’s get one thing straight before we delve into the depths of what My Baby 2: My Baby Grew Up has to offer – this is not a title for everyone. This, the successor to the two games My Baby Girl and My Baby Boy, is a simulation game, providing you with the opportunity to nurture your very own virtual baby from the age of one, up to the age of three. This was a game developed with girls in mind and everything from the soft colours, to the gentle ambient music, to the content itself represents that fact. While My Baby Grew Up might not be on the top of your list of games to buy if you’re a middle aged man, if you do fall within its target market then you will find many hours of enjoyment with your new baby.

Right, now that we’ve established the audience of My Baby 2 it’s time to discover exactly what is on offer. Essentially this simulation game offers its players a chance to understand what looking after a toddler will be like. It’s a surprisingly realistic experience; you won’t be playing for long before learning that your actions have serious repercussions (particularly to your eardrums! Though fortunately in a difference to reality this baby’s crying has a volume control). You will need to spend time on the less pleasant activities such as cleaning up after the child, and dealing with issues such as nappy rash. That will be balanced with plenty of enjoyable activities however, such as playing and teaching a variety of new skills, from climbing a staircase to speaking.

You’ll interact with your boy or girl by using the Wii Remote which doubles up well as a wet wipe, a toy and many other items. The controls are sensitive and accurate and help to heighten the overall experience of raising your youngster. This sense of control is well complimented by the general playability of the game; the separate challenges that you face will be difficult at first, but practice really does make perfect and, just as in real life, you’ll soon become a great parent to your digital baby.

Some additional functionality and features help to make the game a rousing success, such as the ability to shop through a diverse range of clothes and items for your toddler. You can sell items when you’re done with them (or when you want to get rid of those less than pleasant gifts from granny) to put money toward additional things.  Another nice touch is the ability to take photos of all of the precious moments that you will share with your child. This game really does tug on the heart strings, and you might find yourself looking back on your baby’s first steps with a smile.

On the whole then My Baby 2: My Baby Grew Up is exactly what it should be. It’s a great simulation experience with a range of different things to do to hold the interest of its gamers, aimed for the market of young girls. Throw out the old toy dolls, there’s a whole new baby experience in town!

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