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Exerbeat: Gym Class Workout Review

For the many fans of Wii games, here comes a new game from Namco. This newly-released game made its grand entrance into the simulation arena in May 2011.

There are lots of things you can do in this game, especially if you are looking for a natural way to lose weight. With the stimulating environment that this game offers, you are expected to break a lot of sweat and burn a lot of calories.


This game does not really try to portray any epic or mythical story but your own. In this fun exercise simulation game, you are the leader of your own universe. Whether you are going to slack off and not finish your training or you walk that extra mile to get your ideal fitness level is entirely up to you. Most characters that you will be interacting with in this game will be yourself, the 150 sets of exercises and your personal fitness trainer only.

With all the good things that you can have in this virtual exercising game, who would have thought that you will be provided with a trainer? Now, you do not have to worry about looking for the most honest, sincere and strict of all trainers because you can only find that at Exerbeat.


Only at Exerbeat, you are granted the chance to make a whole new you simply by maximizing all of the game features. For your benefit, let us review some of the key features that you can use.

With a game like Exerbeat, you should expect it to get your heart pumping and tire your muscles out frequently.

At Exerbeat, you get to choose from the 150 proven and effective fitness activities.  Each activity lies under a certain exercising category. For example, you might want to focus on body conditioning workouts to keep your body toned and stretched. You can simply do that by browsing through the array of exercise choices and choosing the right one that most suits your needs. Other exercise categories include: martial arts, dance, party games and quirky games.

If you are not satisfied with the choices that Exerbeat offers, you can still have the chance to make the most out of this game by buying some additional game gadgets for added functionalities.


For a 2011 fitness game, you should really be expecting high-quality graphical features with stunning mechanics and gameplay. However, in Exerbeat’s case, the graphics are not simply a focus. Maybe the developers invested too much time and effort with the interactivity and accuracy of the game to the point that they somewhere neglected the graphics.


Exerbeat could have beaten all other fitness games in one shot if not for their average graphics. All in all, this game should be accurate and honest enough to satisfy your daily body and health conditioning needs.

7 / 10

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