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FIFA 11 Review

The much anticipated football game since its predecessor FIFA 10, this year’s FIFA 11 for Wii has finally hit the market.  With several new features as well as some touch ups the new format has some fun key features.  Besides “Hit the Pitch”, which is quick a match, “Battle for Glory” the campaign mode, FIFA 11 has a new street soccer “Streets to Stadiums” mode that is very enjoyable.  Like most games, FIFA 11 for Wii does have a few annoying things that will make a user either groan or be upset at the new styles of play and graphics.

The “Hit the Pitch” mode of FIFA 11 for Wii pits two 5 on 5 teams competing on the streets or in the stadiums.  The player may choose a team from any of the official leagues and the players are dressed more like gang-bangers than soccer players, but I digress.  Some of the different camera angles, as well as some of the control work makes it difficult to pass or at times control your player. Your “Special” bar is filled up by doing tricks or making passes; the specials are curve balls, quicker pace for the team, and turning the team you are playing against into midgets.  This mode seemed completely worthless and seemed to be added to the game as just something to “pitch”.

FIFA 11 for Wii full competition mode “Battle for Glory” is similarly disappointing, with almost no changes from FIFA 10 other than player updates.  Players have the choices between the 30 plus official leagues, 500 teams, and over 15,000 players to pick and play with.  Other than the new “Streets to Stadiums” mode, this part of FIFA 11 for Wii has really not delivered.  This mode is basically a very good soccer / football sim.

Now that the bashing of the FIFA 11 is over, it is time to move on to a very defining feature of the game.  The “Streets to Stadiums” mode is absolutely the best part and makes up for the other two modes.  This mode of FIFA 11 for Wii is the “Be a Pro” from the other FIFA platforms and the user controls one player.  In this mode the player starts out playing on the streets in a 5 man team instead of being a bench warmer.  As the player increases in fame and XP they move up from the streets, through the teams becoming a local hero, to becoming an international superstar.

Controlling just one player makes this mode easier to play and to try your special moves.  As you complete passes, score goals and win games, your “XP” points increase and may be used on increasing your players’ abilities.  To gain “Fame” in FIFA 11 for Wii the user must make goals and then try to accomplish them.  After you accomplish your goals (i.e. a hat trick), and accrue Fame points, bigger teams and clubs start wooing you into their league.  After a bit of work you will be making Beckham money as an International Superstar and raking in the dough from sponsors and teams.  The only downside about this mode is that there is only 5 seasons, but makes up for the lack of inspiration from the other modes.

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